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Upcoming Animations

2013-12-18 09:27:33 by FlickedToons

Here is a list of upcoming animations

1. TITLE: How to deal with frustration  DUE: 1 - 2 weeks  STORY: One frustrated miner will not give up till he gets the jackpot!  GENRE: Comedy - original.

2. TITLE: Evolution throughout  DUE: (Unknown)  STORY: A simple stickman shall not take the teasing of him being a simple drawing, he will embark on a journey to evolve himself into an amazing cartoon figure!  GENRE: Drama.

3: TITLE: Dr. Weeds. DUE: (Unknown)  STORY: Psycho Dr. Weeds as usual TRIES to make an amazing new type of plant, except everything doesn't go as planned!  GENRE: Comedy - original.




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